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Registration Checklist

Things to do BEFORE you register for courses:

Follow these steps for a smooth registration experience. If, at any time, you experience any
difficulty in the registration process, please contact the GAPP Office and we will be happy
to assist you.

1.  Verify your registration appointment time. Check your permit to register link in OASIS. If this is your first time logging on, your default password is your 6 digit birthday (mmddyy). This is also your PIN for Web Registration.
DEN@Viterbi STUDENTS:  Newly Admitted DEN@Viterbi students should create a DEN@Viterbi Profile to gain access to courses and specific support for DEN@Viterbi students. Do not create a DEN@Viterbi profile if you are an on-campus student. On-campus students will have a profile automatically created for them when they register in a course that has a corresponding DEN@Viterbi section.
2.  View and clear any restrictions or holds before registering. Check OASIS for any additional restrictions or holds. Determine which course(s) you want to register for and request D-Clearance if required. When the 5-digit course section number is followed by a "D", you must obtain D-clearance before you will be permitted to register. All DEN courses require D-clearance.
3.  Contact your academic advisors if necessary. Students with any specific degree completion questions, course specific or course credit questions should contact their Department Advisor.
4.  Register for courses via Web Registration. Students can register for courses directly online through USC's Web Registration system. Your login information will be the same for OASIS. Students with any restrictions or course holds should view the next section.


Things to do AFTER you register for courses:

Now that you have successfully completed the registration process, here are a few final steps
help to prepare you for the start of the semester.

1.  Verify your registration.

Check your registered course list link in OASIS.
2.  Check your billing balance and settle your tuition.

Please check the academic calendar and be sure to settle your tuition on time to avoid late fees and penalties. Students can use USCepay to review current balances and pay online from OASIS. Please visit the Tuition and Fees section for more information.


DEN@Viterbi STUDENTS:  DEN students who have corporate reimbursement can also take advantage of DEN's flexible deferment program.

3.  Check for required textbooks or software. All students can use OASIS or the USC Bookstore to check for any required textbooks or software. You can purchase your textbooks through the USC Bookstore or any retailer of your choice.
4.  Obtain your USC ID card. A USC ID card identifies you as a currently enrolled student and can also entitle your access to other privileges and potential uses on and off campus.
DEN@Viterbi  STUDENTS:  Obtaining a USC ID card is optional for DEN students but can still be acquired through our office.
5. Activate your USC Email.

USC email is the official and preferred method of communication between USC and students. Students must activate their email accounts and check it regularly or have it forward to an account that is regularly accessed. Activate and check email at

DEN@Viterbi LIMITED STUDENTS: Limited student email accounts will be created within 2 weeks of the start of the term for which you are in enrolled or within 3 days after you enroll if you register after the start of the term. Registration in courses is required before an email account will be created.