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Industrial & Systems Engineering


Industrial and Systems Engineering short courses offer engineers and professionals the necessary skills to advance in their chosen field. Course instructors are industry experts who provide participants with an integrated approach to engineering, technology, and management. Courses are open to professionals interested in broadening their Industrial Engineering knowledge - an engineering background is not required.

Custom Courses

Courses offered by Professional Programs can be tailored to meet the needs of your organization - including content, timing and location. For more information, please visit Custom Courses or contact

Short Courses:

* Indicates course in Six Sigma Certificate

Six Sigma Green Belt for Process Improvement*
Date: June 21-23, 2016

This program, an introductory course in Six Sigma, will give you a thorough understanding of Six Sigma and its focus on eliminating defects through fundamental process knowledge. Topics covered in addition to DMAIIC and Six Sigma philosophy include basic statistics, statistical process control, process capability, financial implications and root cause analysis. This seminar is offered both in the classroom and online.

Six Sigma Black Belt*
Date: January 25-29, February 22-26 AND April 11-15, 2016 (15-day program)

Six Sigma Black Belt teaches you the advanced problem-solving skills you will need in order to measure a process, analyze the results, develop process improvements and quantify the resulting savings. Project assignments between sessions require you to apply what you’ve learned. This course is presented  in the classroom in three five-day sessions over a three-month period.

Lean Six Sigma White Belt*

Date: TBA

Lean Six Sigma White Belt will introduce you to the tools and techniques for implementing lean/six sigma principles. Participants will gain a broad understanding of the philosophy, methods and benefits of lean/six sigma and value stream mapping as they apply to all types of enterprises. You will be introduced to lean concepts via hands-on exercises.

Lean Green Belt
Date: TBA

Learn how to map the process flow and identify the activities that add value from the customer's perspective. You  will learn how to structure your organization to support and continuously improve a lean process.

Individuals who successfully pass the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineering's Lean Green Belt Exam will be awarded the Lean Green Belt.

From Engineer to Manager
Date: TBA

If you are transitioning from technical responsibility to managerial responsibility, this course is your opportunity to learn the skills you'll need to manage effectively. Your new managerial role will require a new set of skills and knowledge in which engineers and scientists are typically not trained -- managerial processes and leadership skills.

Financial Management for Engineers
Date: TBA

This course introduces basic financial management to engineers and technical personnel who need this knowledge to manage a profit center effectively. Learn practical solutions as well as all the jargon of the trade. A must for newly minted managers from the engineer ranks. The course also covers the analysis necessary for such long-term financial decisions as issuance of stock or bonds; contracting of leases or loans and financing of a new enterprise; mergers, capital budgeting, the cost of capital and the valuation of a business. 

Fundamental Industrial Engineering Skills
Date: TBA

Learn skills that enable you to create process improvement and performance enhancement for your company. Discover the responsibilities and practices of an industrial engineer and develop the talents necessary to strengthen overall performance.

Lean Enterprise I
Date: TBA

This three-day course provides an in-depth understanding of lean enterprise principles and how to apply them within your organization. The lean journey begins with a series of interactive simulations that demonstrate how each lean concept is applied and its impact on the process.

Date: TBA

Making your business as carbon neutral ("green") as possible is becoming a prerequisite to success in our "green-minded" economy. This course will give you access to hundreds of the most cost-effective and profitable strategies for helping your organization become "lean and green." This course arms you with knowledge of legislation, benefits and approaches to implementing sustainability initiatives that you will be able to use to implement a "green" culture throughout your organization. An engineering background is not required.