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PTE 400 | Introduction to Transport Process in Porous Media

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PTE 411 | Introduction to Transport Process in Porous Media

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Master's Program Disciplines

This page provides information about our academic departments and Master's level programs. Many of our Master's Programs are also available online through DEN@Viterbi. 

The School consistently ranks among the top graduate engineering schools in the United States according to U.S. News & World Report.

Please select your academic discipline below to learn more about specific programs and application requirements.  If you have any further questions, please contact us.


December 15, 2014:  Submit your application and transcripts by this date for merit-based scholarship consideration

January 15, 2015: Submit your application and all required materials by this date


September 15: Please check the program admission requirements for specific master's application deadlines

Viterbi School of Engineering Programs and Degree Offerings

Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
Focusing on three major strategic themes: (1) exploration technologies; (2) the art, science and technology of design and manufacturing; and (3) aerospace / mechanical technologies for improving urban life quality.
Astronautical Engineering
Housing nationally-recognized degree programs with research interests in space technology, space science and applications, space instrumentation, advanced propulsion, and fundamental processes in gases and plasmas.
Biomedical Engineering
Offering leading programs in such areas as biomedical modeling and simulation and neural systems engineering. Viterbi’s BME programs prepare students for diverse professional careers at the interface between engineering, biology, and medicine to improve human health and well-being.
Chemical Engineering & Materials Science
The Mork Family Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, which includes Petroleum Engineering, covers subject areas ranging from the study of advanced semiconductor materials and nanostructures, advanced ceramics and metal composites, biotechnology, advanced computation, membrane separations, reactor design, and oil and gas exploration.
Civil & Environmental Engineering
The Sonny Astani Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering offers a broad range of Master’s programs in Structural Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Construction Engineering, Construction Management, and Transportation Engineering.
Computer Science
Providing students with both hardware and software knowledge; national research leader in new media and Internet technologies, software engineering, artificial intelligence, robotics, networking and computer architecture and games design and development.
Electrical Engineering
The Ming Hsieh Department of Electrical Engineering is known for research and academic leadership in antenna networks; bio-signal processing; computer architecture; VLSI and CAD; computer networks; control systems; signal, image and multimedia processing; nanotechnology; photonics and much more.
Industrial and Systems Engineering
The Daniel J. Epstein Department of Industrial & Systems Engineering is a world leader in education, research and innovation through the creation, expansion and communication of knowledge for the design, operation, integration and improvement of products, processes and socio-technical systems.
Petroleum Engineering
Encompassing Chemical Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, and Materials Science subject areas range from the study of advanced semiconductor materials and nanostructures, advanced ceramics and metal composites, biotechnology, advanced computation, membrane separations, reactor design, and oil and gas exploration.
Specialized degree in Cyber Security Engineering
The Master of Science in Cyber Security Engineering is intended for graduate students who desire to: a) obtain jobs in which computer network operations knowledge and skills are required; b) continue an education path toward a doctorate degree with focus on information security. It is also for individuals who are in degree programs or job fields that have some responsibility with information security and desire enhanced knowledge and skills.
Specialized degree in Data Informatics
The USC Viterbi Master of Science in Data Informatics provides students with the knowledge and skill to: a) understand and contribute toward the significant technical challenges created by large data environments, including architecture, security, integrity, management, scalability, artificial intelligence topics, and distribution; b) understand the principles and application of informatics, and the goals of enterprise intelligence; and c) utilize technical/engineering skills coupled with informatics capabilities to provide enterprise-centric solutions to stakeholders. The degree features application of knowledge and skill in hands-on type experiences, with the goal of having students leave the program having “lived in the data.”
Specialized degree in Financial Engineering
Financial Engineering is a multidisciplinary education program that involves the Viterbi School of Engineering, the Marshall School of Business and the College of Letters, Arts and Sciences (Department of Economics). Financial engineering uses tools from finance and economics, engineering, applied mathematics and statistics to address problems such as derivative securities valuation, strategic planning and dynamic investment strategies, risk management etc which are of interest to investment and commercial banks, trading companies, hedge funds, insurance companies, corporate risk managers and regulatory agencies etc.
Specialized degree in Green Technologies
Green Technologies is a highly interdisciplinary degree program that emphasizes green systems and the environment, energy technology and efficiency, and sustainability and society. The discipline seeks opportunities for alternative sourcing, conservation, efficiency, and repurposing through an understanding of product life cycles from origins to recycling or inevitable disposal. Green technologists will design products, processes, and complex infrastructure systems to promote sustainable attributes of importance to the environment and the global community.
Systems Architecting and Engineering
The USC Viterbi School’s Systems Architecting and Engineering program is designed to provide graduate engineers and engineering managers with the advanced knowledge and skills necessary for the conception and implementation of complex systems. The emphasis is on the processes by which complex systems are conceived, planned, designed, built, tested and certified. The systems engineering experience can be applied to defense, space, aircraft, communications, navi­gation, sensor, computer software, computer hardware, transportation and other aerospace and commercial systems activities.