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PTE 411 | Introduction to Transport Process in Porous Media

Kristian Jessen

PTE 400 | Introduction to Transport Process in Porous Media

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The following information outlines the Tuition and Fees for students taking master's level programs at the USC Viterbi School of Engineering. If you are interested in continuing education courses, please visit Professional Programs for pricing information.

FALL 2014 - SUMMER 2015

The following section provides an overview of tuition and fees for a master's student in the USC Viterbi School of Engineering (both on-campus and DEN@Viterbi). Please visit the USC Schedule of Classes for detailed information on tuition and fee rates for all USC students.

Per Course Tuition

Unit Cost Total per 3 unit course
500-level course or above $1,706 $5,118

*Estimate $150-200 for textbooks/software per course.

Fee Information

On-Campus Students DEN@Viterbi Students
For detailed fee information, please visit the USC Schedule of Classes.

Students registering in "DEN@Viterbi" sections will be assessed the following:

  • Course related Fees:
      • Engineering Access Fee: $35 (per course)
      • Norman Topping Student Aid Fund: $8 (per semester)
  • Exam Proctoring:
      • Approximately $40-$100 for 2 exams per course

Note, effective Fall 2012 the DEN Fee will no longer be assessed to off-campus course sections. Visit the DEN Fee Update below for more information.

Health Insurance and Health Center Fee

Tuition Refund Insurance Option

Tuition refund insurance offers the unique benefit of a 100% refund of term tuition and fees when a student is forced to withdraw for medical reasons.

Payment Information

    Methods of Payment (USC Student Financial Services)
    Check Account Balance (enter your 10-digit student ID with your 6-digit birth date as your password)

DEN Fee Update

Effective fall 2012, the $500 DEN fee will no longer apply to off-campus course sections. In addition to the removal of the DEN fee, on-campus and off-campus tuition is now equivalent. 

The Viterbi School has moved in creating a technology-enhanced classroom experience for all master’s students. This has allowed on-campus master’s students to access the same e-learning infrastructure, delivery technologies, note capturing services and interactive tools that were designed and developed for the DEN student. With blended on-campus and off-campus master’s programs, DEN students participate and engage in master’s programs at the same level of academic rigor, integrity and evaluation as on-campus students.

The tuition and fee updates will result in a minimal change in the final educational cost for the DEN student. DEN students will continue to receive the full scope of student services, academic advisement, enrollment, homework processing, exams coordination and technology support.