Background original work by:
Kristian Jessen

PTE 400 | Introduction to Transport Process in Porous Media

Kristian Jessen

PTE 411 | Introduction to Transport Process in Porous Media

USC University of Southern California

Faculty Spotlight

Learn more about some of our award-winning faculty at the Viterbi School of Engineering.  More detailed biographical pages for each member can be found by clicking on individual faculty name.

Dean, Viterbi School of Engineering

Yannis C. Yortsos

Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering

Geoff Spedding


Andrea M. Hodge

Charles Campbell


Julian Domaradzki


Astronautical Engineering

Daniel Erwin


Mike Gruntman

Michael Kezirian

Joseph Kunc

Biomedical Engineering

Michael C.K. Khoo

(Interim Chair)

David Belson

Mark S. Humayun


Gerald E. Loeb

Ellis Meng

Stefan Schaal


Chemical Engineering and Material Science

Steven Nutt

Andrea Armani

Iraj Ershaghi

(Director, Petroleum Engineering)

Edward Goo

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Erik Johnson

(Associate Chair)

Burcin Becerik-Gerber


Najmedin Meshkati 

Computer Science

Gaurav Sukhatme


Maja J. Mataric

(Vice Dean for Research)

 Jernej Barbič

Gerard G. Medioni

Stefan Schaal

Milind Tambe

Electrical Engineering

Solomon W. Golomb

(Andrew & Erna Viterbi

Chair in Communications)

Bhaskar Krishnamachari

C.-C. Jay Kuo


Krishna S. Nayak


Timothy Pinkston

(Vice Dean)


Michelle Povinelli

Industrial and Systems Engineering

Geza Bottlik

Maged Dessouky

Maged Dessouky

Stan Settles

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